• Name: Nestainer Rack
        • Number: HML-NR1302
        • Added time: 2013-07-24
        • Views : 255




        Same design, defferent sizes
        Model No.  Exterior Dimension Interior Dimension






          LxWxH(mm)  LxWxH(mm)  kg
        HML-NR1302 1300x1200x1200 1200x1150x1000 1000 4 1x40'HQ
        HML-NR1304 1300x1200x1400 1200x1150x1200 1000 4
        HML-NR1402 1400x1200x1200 1300x1150x1000 1000 4 1x40'HQ
        HML-NR1404 1400x1200x1400 1300x1150x1200 1000 4
        HML-NR1502 1500x1200x1200 1400x1150x1000 1000 4 1x40'HQ
        HML-NR1504 1500x1200x1400 1400x1150x1200 1000 4
        HML-NR1602 1600x1200x1200 1500x1150x1000 1000 4 1x40'HQ
        HML-NR1604 1600x1200x1400 1500x1150x1200 1000 4
        Material Mild steel Q235
        Finish Powder coating
        Available design Detachable/undetachable
        Application area Warehouse, logistic, recycling, etc.
        Remark Costomized or OEM support
        Key features

        1. Safe, secure and simple stacking

        2. Increased handling and storage flexibility

        3. By positioning the bottom angles of the top rack over the stacking tubes of the unit below, the Nestainer rack can be guided into it’s stacked position for full column-to-column loading


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